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Розробник: Sentosa Leisure Management Pte. Ltd

Nature @ Sentosa - Your guide to everything Nature on the State of Fun, at your fingertips!

Our free nature app is filled with interesting nuggets of information for nature buffs to navigate Sentosa’s walking trails to explore Heritage Trees, important Green Spots, Heritage Buildings and the Imbiah Nature Trail. Download the app now and start discovering Sentosa!

Our free app features:

Ø Easy location of our Heritage Trees, important Green Spots, Heritage Buildings and Imbiah Nature Trail with our map, which works offline

Ø Scan the QR code to mark your visit to these places.

Ø Learn more about Heritage trees and buildings.

Ø Discover Green Spots – various sustainability efforts made by Sentosa,

Ø Explore and learn about interesting tree species, water features and a historic Bunker at the Imbiah Nature Trail.

Ø Learn about various animals, birds, insects and marine life on Sentosa.

Ø Receive Notifications about upcoming Nature Talks and Events at Sentosa Nature Discovery and Animal Encounters.